"10/10. Does what's needed. Works well on it's own or in conjunction with other clients. Takes time to understand at first but is really good."


"rusherhack is a great Minecraft client that has great modules for anarchy and a great developer who just rewrote the entire client. 10/10, better than Future."


"RusherHack is easily the best client I've used; it has the most well-rounded, well-polished features I've seen since Future."


"To be honest, this client is so much better, easier, and has so much better support as well as response time from the developer. You can immediately take off from 2b2t or any anarchy server and just fly off immediately without doing any annoying tinkering or anything that is like that and the default settings tend to be the best settings. 10/10"


"RusherHack is more than a Minecraft client, it's a family of users who use RusherHack because of how well John takes care of us and provides us with updates and implements user requested features. I can't pick a better client than Rusherhack. Great bypasses for 2b2t and much more! 10/10"


"When I say that RusherHack is probably the best client I've used, I say it in the most sincere way. Most of the features work perfectly and it has anything the average 2b2t player will need, eliminating the need to use clients like Future or SalHack. I have started only using RusherHack myself recently and haven't missed other clients for a single second. If you have $20 to spend, I cannot recommend RusherHack enough."



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