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Fly easier with elytras


Mode - (Enum) ControlBoostPacketBounceOffTakeOff - Automatically take off when you jumpDescending - Only activate when you are falling back down; Useful for 1.12.2 serversTimer AutoRedeploy - Automatically redeploy into elytra if the server un-deploys youAcceleration Speed MaxSpeed PauseInLiquids Control Settings Speed VerticalSpeed Fireworks - Use firework rockets while flyingLagRedeploy NoIdle DelayedAscend Await DelayMode - (Enum) DynamicStaticStaticDelay Ascend - (Enum) AimJumpOffGlideSpeed Boost Settings Automatic BoostTicks TargetY EmergeAt Speed SpeedLimit PitchCheck UseForward Pause Packet Settings Speed Bounce Settings PitchSpoof Control Pitch Packet Delay - Bypass 2b2t's anticheatAutoJump Debug


  • elytrafly
  • elytrafly <setting> [value]
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